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If you have a burning desire to start a summer project such as upgrading your domain to Microsoft Server 2012, wanting to deploy Windows 8, or simply need help trouble shooting a network issue then book an appointment by calling Christine or Michelle on 0800 141 2015 - or simply fill in our info sheet /contact/

We'll put you in touch with one of our Senior Technicians or System Architects to give you some free insights so your project can get off to a flying start.

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In Business...

Design, Implement

We believe we have the right combination of knowledge, experience, skill and pragmatism to ensure that you get the very best value from your IT budget whilst meeting the demands your business has of information technology.

Our experience in managing IT for both large and small businesses means we can appreciate the nuances and pressures that each type of organisation faces.

We are delighted to serve businesses both in the UK and further afield - take a look at some of the people we care for here.

Providing outstanding service to our Customers is always our aim - we are proud to say that we have never lost a Customer due to poor service.

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In Education...

Manage & Support

A growing list of Education clients reflects our success at bringing the values we have for our business customers to the Education sector.

We understand the increasing pressure on budgets and the need to maximise value from your IT investments.

Our Education specialists have years of experience in helping schools and colleges gain the best value IT solutions to meet both the needs of Teachers and Students as well as infrastructure such as networks and AV equipment.

However, we won't take you for granted - we know that every penny needs to be spent wisely and that is why we will always treat your business with respect.

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