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Infor Audit

Infor are committed to helping their valued customers remain compliant with their software licence contracts both in terms of licence usage and using legally licensed code. A special department is tasked with auditing Infor Baan customers and maximising the revenue opportunities that may be revealed by non compliance.

Neustro can help you understand your licence usage and advise you of best practice in user management so that you can avoid paying unnecessary and unexpected licence fees.

Furthermore we can help you identify code that may appear to be in contravention of your licence agreement but may actually be quite legitimate – source code may be delivered as part of a patch or maybe misidentified as Infor source.

If you are being asked to run the Infor audit tool you may find value in speaking to us first so you can be prepared.

Even from a non-compliance point of view it is worth considering a technical and functional audit of your system.

Because we have substantial experience and knowledge of both Infor Baan ERP LN and of real business we can offer recommendations and execute programs that will see you gain greater value from your Infor Baan ERP LN business system investment.

At a technical level we can ensure that the set up of the supporting infrastructure is optimised to gain the best performance and take account of your comfort of risk. A thorough review of your current disaster recovery and business continuity strategy and development and planning of your approach going forward will mean that you are well placed to deal with the unexpected.

At a functional level, the way you do business, we can amongst other activities, review your business processes and security schema to ensure that they are efficient and appropriate. We will give you an insight as to any tasks that may be exposing your business to risk and review your user roles to ensure that your security model complies with statutory requirements.

You may have been running with your ERP system for some time and are considering an upgrade or even a move to another system entirely. The first step is to identify if either of these options are appropriate – in some cases merely optimising some business processes or tuning the system can deliver benefits that enable you to gain extra value from your investment without having to undertake a major upgrade or replacement project.