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Infor Baan FAQ’s

What is Infor Baan?

Baan is a forerunner to Infor 10 ERP, or Infor ERP LN – an ERP system sold and supported by Infor. Previous versions are known as Triton, Baan IV, Baan V and Baan ERP. There are many users around the world of the ‘legacy’ version of the product – it is a good solid ERP system that at the time of the releases of the previous versions had a great deal of relevant and innovative functionality. You may also have heard about their previous owners – Invensys and SSA Global.

Are you an Infor/Baan partner?

No we are not. Our primary aim is to help you get the best from your ERP software – not to sell you additional licences. Independence means we concentrate on how to do the best for you – not Infor.

So you are not as good as them, then?

Our customers are pleased that we deliver expert advice on the optimisation of their Baan software – and then obtain even better value from their investment. Our consultants have been implementing Baan and ERP for many years – in fact we do employ a number of former Baan and Infor people.

Should I stay with Baan or go to another EPR system?

It’s not a ‘yes’ or ‘no’ question. For some people it makes sense to move to another ERP system, for some to stick with the version they are on and optimise it, and for others we’d recommend moving to the latest version of ‘Baan’ – Infor 10 ERP. We can be your independent partner providing you with an independent view of what to do. And we have suggested all three options over the years.

So who are your competitors?

We don’t class ourselves as competitors to Infor – we’re an independent, privately owned business, and people who enjoy working with the product. However, we are probably the only organisation in the UK (and increasingly working across Europe) that has a body of consultants that rivals Infor in terms of skill and size. There are a number of independent contractors out there but there is a general shortage of quality resources to support Baan in our region.

Can you do custom development for Baan?

It depends on your licence agreement and if you have either a development licence or source code. We can operate under that agreement to deliver developments for you. If you don’t have these we can still design and manage developments for you using our offshore partners who are licensed by Infor.

Can you support us with a managed service contract?

We support a number of customers right now across the world. We have agreements in place where we provide both technical and functional support. It allows you, for a fixed monthly fee, to have access to support with a service level agreement. Our service plans are flexible enough to allow you to include days for development, having our people on your site or having pre-booked training days.

Furthermore, we are not just limited to Infor Baan – we can support the rest of your IT too. Indeed, some of our customers don’t have an internal IT department at all – we do it (IT) for them.