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Infor Consulting

By choosing Neustro for your Infor 10 ERP, ERP LN or Baan Consulting you are gaining access to a team of consultants that have years of experience of the Infor Baan product suite that is gained by working in the real world, not just with our clients but as users in companies that use Infor Baan.

We have the people that know Baan and Infor ERP LN inside out. Our knowledge covers the whole breadth of the application which ensures that we can help you get the full value from your software investment. The functionality you use is not limited to what you already use or know. If you are running older versions of Baan IV & V then you’ll find that we have more knowledge than most.

We understand that most users are on these versions, which is why we are geared up to help you make the most of it, not just try and persuade you to upgrade to the latest version.

We take great pride in the skills and knowledge of our people and we are proud to have a number of former Baan and Infor employees on our team along with people that have used Triton, Baan IV & V and Infor ERP LN, both in business and as professional consultants for one of the ‘Big 4’ consultancies. This, allied to their real-world experience of business, ensures that you have the very best people on your team.

We’ve been around the Infor Baan world for quite a while so we have insight to the many different ways the software is used, so not only can we tell you how your software can be used but what is best practice too.

Furthermore, because we are independent we’ll tell you honestly about the strengths and weaknesses of your current software. We won’t suggest that poor functionality is a feature, or that your immediate problem will be solved by an upgrade or patch if it won’t.

Because we are the largest independent Infor Baan practice in the UK we serve and care for a number of Baan and Infor ERP users around the world. We have enough resources to ensure that any help you need can be satisfied and we can answer any question.

For some of our customers we are their IT Department, not only looking after their critical business system but also managing and supporting their general IT, from ERP to the desktop. This means that we are not limited to giving you answers that are solely in the Infor Baan domain, we can bring a rich blend of skills that provide solutions which go beyond standard functionality.

We believe that our consulting assignment doesn’t end the moment we leave the premises. It’s important to us that we deliver real value to your business, and if we can help further by answering questions as a follow-on from the on-site activities then we’re pleased to help.

Our Help desk can be contacted by telephone, by email, or directly though the web, and is staffed by people that not only understand Baan but your business too. We know that a problem producing a delivery note or entering a sales order has a real impact on your customer service, which is why we will treat it with as much urgency as a technical issue.

It’s simple. We will always be less expensive than other UK based Infor Baan consulting offerings. We are more competitive than large outsourcing organisations because we are not dogmatic about profit margins on every activity we do, we work holistically and bring a level of service to our customers that meets their needs whilst being very good value for money.

Also, we’re not in the business of volume software sales. We don’t spend our time trying to sell you more licences than you need or software to solve problems you don’t have. We just want to help you get the best out of the software you already own.