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Infor Interim Resources

• Infor 10 ERP Baan Technical Analyst
• Infor 10 ERP Baan Business Analyst
• Infor 10 ERP Baan IT Manager

When a member of your internal IT team decides to move on, and you are forced to look for a replacement, you may find that it’s tough to identify and recruit someone with the requisite skills in time to ensure continuity of support.

Neustro are able to provide you with interim resources that are Baan focussed and can ensure that you keep your critical business system running and optimised whilst you are searching.

We have the people that know Baan and Infor ERP LN inside out. Our knowledge covers the whole breadth of the application which ensures that we can help you get the full value from your software investment. The functionality you use is not limited to what you already use or know.

Our people are all experienced users that have worked in the real world and understand what is important to your day-to-day business. They understand and have experience of how your people work and give pragmatic, reasoned and appropriate support to your end-users.

We take great pride in the skills and knowledge of our people and we are proud to have a number of ex- Baan and Infor employees on our team, along with people that have used Triton, Baan IV & V and Infor ERP LN, both in business and as professional consultants for one of the ‘Big 4’ consultancies. This, allied to their real-world experience of business, ensures that you have the very best people on your team.

Our people have worked in the roles we support for major corporations, and so appreciate what key skills are required and the most effective approach for the role is to ensure that your business continues to run smoothly during the transition to new personnel. Importantly, as the largest independent Infor Baan practice in the UK, we know of, or work with many of the best people within the marketplace, and can help you identify and recruit the person best suited to your vacant role.

Our interim resources are backed up by an organisation that is geared to supporting many companies using Infor Baan around the clock. This means that there is a team behind them that will ensure that any task you need to tackle, even if it would normally be outside the scope of the role, can be handled to resolve any issues or take advantage of new opportunities. Our services cover IT issues not related to Infor Baan too.

A contractor may require a fixed term contract on a full time basis. Neustro Interim can provide cover tailored to your precise needs and end as soon as you fill your permanent role. We also provide part-time cover if required.

Sometimes you may be looking to secure interim resources to cover holidays, maternity leave or just extra load on your IT Department during a project or roll out – at Neustro we provide options to best suit your needs.

We’re not a recruitment consultancy. We don’t charge large up-front fees for finding someone. We’re not in the business of trying to place people into jobs as quickly as possible regardless of the suitability. We simply provide knowledgeable resources at reasonable rates that reflect the length of the engagement, to businesses that have a need.